Back pain and squats

Hellooooo from the land of the living…

Last week was horrible. Saturday started with some weird back twinges doing kettle bell headcutters that just continued until I could do no more (including goblet squats – something I’m relatively good at). So I shook it off and went home without doing the weight lighting part of the class. Monday was pretty brutal but I managed to make it through the workout somehow…

It started out with a 5:00 min row with easy pace. No big deal right? I’m starting to get really good at rowing. Then, it was wall squats, dead hangs, and band pull aparts to get those muscles going. For strength, we did back squats… I mainly stretched my lower back and then managed to get some good back squats in. The conditioning was a killer! It was another for time workout –

1000 Row

50 FSPP @ 45/33

30 Pull-Ups

The row was a killer as were the front squat push presses and the 30 pull-ups (Which were ring rows for me). But I finished!!! Booyah!

Wednesday sucked. I couldn’t finish because of back pain and ended up on the ground crying… so I took Thursday thru Sunday off and went to the chiro. Best decision ever.

Tonight was HIIT on the Air Assault bikes to warm up :10 sprint :50 easy pace – for 5 minutes… got me breathing heavy but I managed after getting my shoelace unstuck from the bike’s pedal. The usual warm up with squats and such. Our strength tonight was front squats. I can tell my legs are getting super strong. I could do 50lbs no problem in the leg area. However, my wrists just aren’t there yet for the way you need to have a front squat. And since I do have somewhat bad wrists from years of typing and spraining – I shouldn’t expect much. But I managed.

The conditioning was supposed to be 7 burpee broad jumps every minute on the minute – since I can’t really do burpees just yet – I did modified half burpees. It was using this pipe thingy that is like a pushup assister and I just didn’t do the push up part but made sure to jump after each one.

My legs are sore but I had no back pain. It felt amazing. I feel like the rest really did some good for me, both physically and mentally. I was able to get my head back in the game. I started a new job about a week and a half ago almost two weeks and so it’s been an adjustment working 8:30-5:3ish and then coming home and getting ready to go straight to a hardcore workout but I feel great and energized again.

Anyway, I’m off to very sore sleepy land. My legs are so sore from all the work tonight but I feel great. I’m really starting to see some progress. Hopefully, I’ll update a bit more often once I get used to my new schedule.



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