Month: September 2015

New Goal, New Journey

New Goal, New Journey

I realize I haven’t posted in forever… don’t worry – that doesn’t mean that I didn’t keep up with the bike and getting back to the gym last year. I just got busy with my last year of law school, bar prep, etc to keep up with the blog. So I have graduated law school and have taken the bar. I’ve been pretty consistent in working out at the school gym or the apartment gym up until June when I graduated and started bar prep. Then things got a little hard because you are exhausted with bar prep – studying 14 hours a day. I went as much as I felt like it which was definitely not enough. Then I slacked off until about a week or two ago. So here I am. New goal, new journey.

Amanda (Panda) and I are getting married in August 2016 and we’re determined to be Fit Brides (#FitbBrides2016) and have started Operation Wedding Body. We are each working individually because of our schedules and because of the intensity of things we’re doing. Panda just got done recovering from kidney stones and procedure so she is gaining stamina and endurance back at our apartment gym while I just joined Ethos Strength and Conditioning here in Sac. My best friend talked me into trying it (she’s a little biased with the trainer ;)) but I ended up loving it and loved the intensity I get out of it. I have been dabbling in it for a bit now – doing private training sessions with the trainer/coach while practicing my squats and pinning inspiration to my Pinterest board in-between sessions. Finally, I have started classes. I started last Thursday and am going to be going Mondays and Wednesdays. I’ll also be doing Saturdays that Panda and I aren’t out of town for family stuff.

My goal is to not be a plus-sized bride of course – but I know that’s a lot to ask in the next 8 months. I think with the right diet and this new form of working out, I can at least get down to a smaller plus size than I am if not all the way down to not plus size. However, caveat – my idea of plus size is 14 and up. I’d be even happy at a size 14.

Soon, I will post before pictures. Once I actually feel crazy enough to take them. I’m not huge on body confidence so this is a huge step for me. However, I really want to be able to document the progress in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc. For now, I have signed a 6 month agreement with Ethos. In 6 months, I’ll reevaluate my situation with how my body is feeling, looking, etc. Note, I do still have knee issues. The cartilage damage is never going away until I have a knee replacement at the ripe old age of whenever they let me have it. However, it can be managed and has been better since doing the bike and everything. Crossfit (strength and conditioning) has irritated it a bit because of how much movement it requires but I’m determined that this will go away much like the soreness my body feels every day.

I also want to note that yes, this is Crossfit, but it’s also Strength and Conditioning. The coach is very experienced and knows what he’s doing. He keeps our class sizes really small so that he can provide individual attention to form and will stop us immediately if we are doing the wrong form. I have already told him that I am not about to be on crutches again. I would not be doing this class or this gym if I didn’t feel like they were about pushing people past their limits. That being said, if you’re in Sacramento or the surrounding area – come check it out!

Please feel free to post encouragements, concerns, etc in the comments. I’m going to try and keep this updated pretty often now. I can post the workouts for the day on here too as well and how I felt after them. I just want to document and hopefully in the future, inspire someone else to take a leap of faith in their physical fitness and health journey!

I’m out to drink my strawberry, banana, kale smoothie (yummy!).

Hangry Penguin aka Courtney