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Day 3 of training

Short post…

Today was day 3. Had a lazy day and then I went to the gym about 7:45. Was on the bike (switched my cross train day with my normal 30 min day since I work tomorrow I didn’t want to kill myself tomorrow and then have to work) for about an hour. I did approximately 10 miles. 🙂 Not too shabby for not being on the bike machine in forever. I mainly just watched tv while I was on it and pedaling away which is why I was on it for an hour instead of only the 45 minutes required.


Feeling pretty damn good tonight. Didn’t lift much since I did quite a bit of lifting yesterday and I’m a little sore in my arms and shoulders. Came home and got textbook work done and now I’m off to go reward myself with a good book.



thelazylesbian 🙂


Oh … and I may or may not be training by myself now. My girlfriend seems to think she may have injured her foot or something is wrong with it. She goes to the dr in 10 days and I’m praying that they find whatever is wrong with it so she won’t have to be in pain. Even normal walking sometimes is quite painful which sucks considering how much she walks to work and so forth. I like giving her shit though because I’m now working out more than she is and she talked me into doing this lol. But just hoping her foot gets better.