I’m back!

Last week, I had my ortho appointment. I found out surgery is an option in the future but is really touch or go on whether it would help or not. I did find out that 1 in 5 Americans suffer with chronic patellofemoral pain syndrome and mine is caused by a compression and being knock-kneed. So that’s great. The PA did tell me though that his brother suffered the same injury from hiking and in 9 months (long time but I’ll take it) he was healed up. The PA was okay with doing a cortisone shot and they did it in a super low dose since I’m so young. Immediately after the cortisone shot I felt AMAZING. Then the lidocaine or whatever numbing agent they use wore off and I was in a LOT OF PAIN. Followed by a few days of being sore, and now I feel like my knee is almost pre-May. I know this isn’t a cure and we have no idea how long it could last but I’m happy to at least have some relief so I can hopefully start sleeping at night.

So that was last week. Over the weekend, I had personal issues and was sick. Blah. Still feeling gross and have to go see a surgeon tomorrow morning to figure out said personal issue and what to do about it. Not going to go into details. BUT, today was a super great day. 

I got up today and amazing songs were playing on the radio, Justice Kennedy was on campus (I didn’t catch a glimpse but probably good), and I went to school with all my reading and the appropriate bar questions written and analyzed. This was all I got done over the weekend because I was super icky and sick. But I went to school in workout clothes because I figured if I made it through Remedies without wanting to hurl, my stomach being upset, or any pain I was going to attempt to work out and sweat any sort of infection on top of personal issues going on out. I decided since I have been doing 20 minutes that with the cortisone shot it was time to up the ante. 

I did a quick stretch and on the bike I got. Man that felt great. 25 minutes of nothing but pure endorphins for a total of 5.04 miles. I really wish that I could run as fast as I bike. But running would include carrying my fat ass down the road or treadmill where biking it’s just the bike. A 5 minute mile would be amazing some day to run. Not sure my knee or my body will ever be up to it but still. I can bike a 5 min mile. It used to be that it took be 30 minutes to get to 5 miles. Now it looks like 30 minutes will be six miles at a level 6 and a normal RPM of 80-83. 

So that was my day besides the academic part. I’m back on the bike. I don’t know when I’ll be back on it again this week but will figure it out after tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment. Hopefully I’m not out for too long. I always feel better when I work out and eat healthier and drink like 10x more water. 


Enough rambling. 



Hangry Penguin (more like sick penguin right now)


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