Weekend update

I haven’t had a chance to work out since the last time I posted… correction: I’ve been too tired. I was going to work out on Thursday and ending up having a migraine. The only place I made it was my hour and a half class and an SBA BBQ. 

My knee pain is higher than normal this week and I’m not sure if it’s because I am irritating it by walking in flats instead of sneakers (have to wear dress shoes) or if it’s because I’m working out or what. Either way – it’s not fun. I’m getting really frustrated and if I don’t get a good answer 9/3 at the ortho I will be probably be seeking a second opinion. Just a few minutes ago, I had shooting pains down my shin. I’m still having pain along my medial joint line when I walk and if I twist in the slightest of ways with any sort of weight on my knee. 

If anyone knows of things to ask the ortho, things to do for chondromalacia/runner’s knee, or if this sounds like something that isn’t that (I have had two MRIs both negative on the meniscus though) please shoot me an email or comment here. 

Tomorrow I will be working out before I go to class and then grocery shopping. Going to buy fruits and veggies. Skyped with my parents today and my mom says I look like I’ve lost weight. Not sure if I have or not but my mom means it when she says it. 


Going to try and sleep. 




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