Tuesday Workout

Brief update on yesterday’s workout. Yesterday was the LONGEST day ever. Work 7-12:30 in court, work out, read for class/ate lunch, went to class 3:30-5, read for class some more, went to class 6:15-8:15. But progress was made! Half my reason for working out was it justified me changing out of my suit into shorts and a tshirt and sneakers. I hate wearing flats, heels, etc. Right now, flats hurt my knee SO BADLY. However, heels hurt worse and I can’t exactly where my Brooks (shameless plug for Brooks tennis shoes and Fleet Feet in Sacto) to court. 

Anyway… did the upright bike.


level 7

3 miles

so I did same mileage as Monday, but higher level and shorter amount of time. So I call that progress. I felt GREAT after. Knee barely hurt. Legs felt tight but in that I just worked out kinda way and I had that sweaty glean to me. This is what makes me love working out. THAT feeling. 

Took today off – didn’t have time. Was exhausted this morning and stayed home and then went work (parked like 3 blocks away though which is a first for me since I hurt my knee) and then went to a meeting and then to a dinner where Ronnie Lotts and Dusty Baker gave speeches. That was pretty awesome. 

I’m off to bed. Shorter day tomorrow but early. Pain level is pretty annoying tonight. Part of it is my knee and part of it is the muscle on the inner portion of my knee. 


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