The Last First Day of School

Workout machine of the day
Workout machine of the day

Today I began my 3rd and final year of law school. My last first day of school. Ever. Holy crap. When did I get here?

I barely slept last night due to pain that is coming from an infection that I’ve been fighting since last week. So this morning when I had the chance to go back to bed before Remedies… I took it. Then it was off to Remedies from 11-1230 and the gym after. 

Did a decent job today. I’m going to keep this blog entry short because I have to be up at the crack of dawn for my internship and first day back in court. I did the upright bike for 16:12 – 3 miles with very little pain. I followed it up with squats and lunges (very few – didn’t want to push it) and lifted weights for my arms. I feel pretty good about this workout. My pain level tonight is minimal besides the headache that I am inevitably getting. 

I ate a lot today. But a lot of the food I ate was good food. Fruit, yogurt, veggies. Just a lot of small meals through out the day. Never felt my blood sugar get too low which was GREAT. I’m awful at letting it get too low. 

I’m bringing gym clothes to school tomorrow with me just in case I have the urge to work out but if not, I will take the day off. I really don’t want to get on this knee too fast. Though the 3 miles today did feel pretty damn good. 

I’m off to bed. Long day ahead of me tomorrow. 





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