Setback… and steps forward

So Sunday was my hour long workout. And then came Monday… where I did absolutely nothing but help my mom with the daycare kids and then go to work.  So I already knew that my workouts were going to be thrown off this week because I also work the weekend which means no long workout on Sunday… I’d have to do it another day. Tuesday was the same ordeal, I slept in, I helped mom, I went to work and worked late so I couldn’t go to the gym. Weds comes and I’ve had maybe four hours of sleep, a few hours of work, and one academic meeting later and I’m exhausted so I decided I would take a nap and then go work out. Only I wake up feeling like crap. However, I feel the need to burn off some stress due to some personal issues and decide to go to the gym anyway and not be lazy. BAD IDEA! This workout was so disappointing and discouraging! I only did 1.13 miles in the 30 minutes I was on the treadmill and I was soaked in sweat and so achy. So I decided maybe weights would go a little bit better and I could make up for the craptastic cardio workout and get some lifting in. Yeah, that didn’t happen either. Everything hurt or I was just too weak. So I left very discouraged and feeling like I had a setback… until tonight…


Today was my day off from work… slept in… went shopping.. felt great. So after dinner I wait until about 8 pm to go to the gym when I know Big Brother will be on CBS and I will watch it while I am on the treadmill. Perfect. So I’m feeling fabulous and I get to the gym and first had an issue getting to a treadmill with a tv I could actually watch AND hear Big Brother on but finally did. So tonight I’ve decided if the first half hour goes well I will do my long workout which is 75 minutes this week. Boy did that go over well!! I felt amazing! I went at a sort of slow pace because I didn’t want to overdo it. Tried jogging but unfortunately the ankle just was not going to loosen up and let me run tonight, which is going to happen on occasion, I did have a major sprain exactly two months ago. 3.25 miles later and I am feeling amazing. It’s about 9:30 by now and I want to do a light lift to stretch out my legs. It felt amazing as well. However, I did come home starving and ate a peanut butter sandwich which my friend Jenna told me was the worst post workout snack to eat… so readers… What are good post workout snacks that are high in protein and will also raise blood sugar fast? I know want carby stuff but I don’t want to ruin my total workout calorie burn off by scarfing a ton of peanut butter or fatty proteins. Any advice is welcome.

Tomorrow I think I’m just going to the bike for about 30-45 minutes. And if I’m as sore as I am now I am so going to take advantage of the hot tub in the women’s locker room to loosen up before I do that.  I need to do some strength training with this ankle as well and I will take any advice on that as well.





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