Day Two



So today was day two of training since yesterday was an active rest day. My active rest day was spent at work from 12-9:20.


Today I once again was supposed to do 30 minutes on the treadmill and did 35 min (5 minute cooldown). Did a few short bursts (30 seconds) of jogging which I didn’t get out of breath for… more just tired out my legs. But still this is better than I could do before when it would cause me to get out of breath. So this is good. Ankle is a bit sore. Went from 1.26 miles on Monday to 1.62 miles today. I am *exhausted*. Not just from working out though. My day consisted of working, running around trying to find stuff for my room (new chair, collage picture frame, school supplies for this semester), riding the motorcycle with my mom, and then the gym. Now I am finally home and relaxing in said new chair and am going to enjoy me a nice Diet Coke and then a water and then get up tomorrow and do it all over again. Except tomorrow I’m actually off work… but I have to watch a few of the daycare kids while my mom runs to the doctor. And possibly pick pictures to go in said new collage picture frame.


Goodnight everyone!



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